*12/29/2021* Voucher Landlord/Owner Payments

On December 29, 2021 a direct deposit will be made to Landlord/Owner accounts in the amount of $199 per qualifying voucher.  This payment is to assist with additional costs incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Additional details below:

Landlord Retention Payment Policies
Landlords/Owners will be paid $199 per unit with a qualifying voucher under lease during May 2021.  Qualifying vouchers are VASH, FYI, PBA, TP, and regular Housing Choice Vouchers, including port-ins and excluding port-outs.
To qualify for the payment, Landlords/Owners must currently be in good standing.  If the property has been sold to a new Landlord/Owner since May, the payment will be made to the current owner, since it is a retention payment.
If the Landlord/Owner has a balance due to the HRA, this payment will be applied to the balance due.


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