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Public & Section 8 New Construction Waiting List

Households must complete an application to participate in the Public Housing Program. The online application is not working at this time.

Eligible applicants are then put on a waiting list for admission that uses the date and time of application and preference factors to determine priority of placement. The Public Housing Authority makes a preliminary eligibility determination, to determine whether the applicant will be placed on the waiting list and to determine priority of placement. Placement on the waiting last will be based upon information in the household’s application. Final eligibility will be determined after the applicant is notified that the applicant is approaching the top of the waiting list.

Applications for housing assistance programs are taken in the HRA office daily during regular business hours. You may fill out the application at the HRA office, take it with you and return it, fill it out on-line at the HRA office or you may fill it out on-line from any computer with internet access. The Public Housing Authority may close the waiting list because it has a sufficient number of applicants it can serve in a reasonable period of time. If the waiting list is closed, the Public Housing Authority will accept an application WHEN AND IF an applicant is otherwise eligible and claims to qualify for a Preference, and there is not an adequate pool of applicants already on the waiting list for that particular bedroom size who are likely to qualify for a Preference, and therefore, it appears that the applicant would qualify for assistance before other applicants on the waiting list.

Updating the Waiting List: No less than annually, the Public Housing Authority will update the waiting list by mailing letters to applicants to determine whether they continue to be interested in Public Housing. The Public Housing Authority will remove names of applicants who fail to respond.

Reinstatement to Waiting List: When applicants are removed from the waiting list because they failed to contact the Public Housing Authority reconfirming continued interest in Public Housing, they will be reinstated to the list if they contact the Public Housing Authority within sixty (60) days of their removal from the waiting list. The applicant will be reinstated onto the list using the date of the original application.

"A person with a disability may request reasonable accommodation at any time during the application process, participation in a program and/or during the grievance procedures."

Closing and Opening the Waiting List: Before suspending or resuming taking applications, the Public Housing Authority will issue a public announcement. The announcement will be published in local newspapers at least two (2) weeks before the waiting list is closed or opened.

APPLICANTS FOR BOTH PUBLIC HOUSING AND SECTION 8 ASSISTANCE: Applicants who applied for both Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher assistance (Section 8), and who are admitted into a Public Housing unit after April 26, 1993 may remain on the waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher.