Board of Commissioners

The Authority is governed by a seven member Board of Commissioners. The Board is responsible for establishing the policies under which the staff operates the various programs. The Board of Commissioners meet monthly at 6:00 p.m. on the 4th Wednesday of each month, City Hall Council Chambers. Meetings in November and December are scheduled around holidays. All of the public and assisted housing programs are implemented by the Executive Director, Louise Reis.  The agency also employs 25 full-time staff members and 12 part-time staff members (on-site caretakers).

2010 St. Cloud Housing & Redevelopment Authority

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St Cloud Housing and Redevelopment Authority
St Cloud Housing and Redevelopment Authority
George Hontos  - Secretary
(City Council)
532 Montrose Road
St. Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 255-1140 (h)
Appointed: 2-5-07
Expires:  1-31-21
Nancy Gohman - Chair
123 Riverside Dr SE
St Cloud, MN 56304
(320) 291-0437 (c)
Appointed: 1-9-06
Expires: 10-31-20
Jeff Goerger - Vice Chair
(City Council)
709 10th Avenue North
St. Cloud, MN 56303
(320) 253-8117(h)
Appointed: 1-10-11
Expires: 1-31-21
Mike Conway
(City Council)

25573 58th Ave
St. Cloud, MN  56301
Appointed: 1-07-19
Expires:  1-31-22
Seal Dwyer
528 7th Avenue North
St. Cloud, MN  56303
Appointed: 7-13-15
Expires: 10-31-19
Abdi Daisane
4340 Clearwater Rd, #216
St. Cloud, MN  56301
Appointed: 9-09-19
Expires: 1-31-23